Clothes for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Our First Collection!!



For our first garments we wanted to give you something unique, stylish and versatile. We opted for chic clothes that would be extremely comfortable and easy to use, as well as versatile enough to dress up for your cocktail evenings, or down for staying in bed all day!

It's got to fit right

Before our garments are put together, we think about their fit and functionality. 

Our range in pyjamas have a new concept in using light cotton viscose material which enables the mothers to utilise the pyjamas as a "dress" while in hospital, receiving visitors, walking in passages to the baba room, or even at home in the beginning while she is trying to get used to the new routine and have unexpected visitors so that no one is any the wiser that she is actually still in pyjamas. The garments can be easily opened and closed with one hand, and the entire front section can open for skin-to-skin contact. 





For the pyjamas we chose a polyester viscose, which is about the softest stretch fabric you can get. The pyjamas/dress is made of a cotton viscose which is machine washable. Knowing the hassles that women go through during breastfeeding, we gave this garment a simple flowing cut that's comfortable on the skin and breath easily. 





Our summer blouses are secured at the edge of the neck opening with zips to ensure easy opening without exposing too much in public places, when it is necessary to breastfeed.

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Shop till you DROP!

It's been such an exciting journey to get this far, from the planning, putting everything together where we can present it all to you, the mothers.

New designs are on their way and you can sign up to keep up with all that is happening..

Do check out our catalog, and send through any and all feedback. Our mission remains firmly in ensuring this wonderful time of your life is spend in comfort and style.



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