Breastfeeding - the new buzz word....

The moment a woman realises that she is pregnant, the question gets asked by the majority of people "are you going to breastfeed"? Where in the past a young mother had a choice between bottle feeding, which was the norm in all the "fashionable" circles, and breastfeeding, which where virtually non-existing, it is now so exciting to find that women are rediscovering the benefits of breastfeeding all over again.

With the certainty of knowing for a young mother that she is going to breastfeed, the clothes in her cupboard is going to go through some changes, because she needs to be able to breastfeed where ever the need arises - and that is virtually any time, any place, the baby decides it is now time for feeding. 

With our range we are enabling mothers the comfort and affordability to dress for every occasion that might arise while breastfeeding.


The Daily Question

Preparing to launch our first collection, we have become aware of the daily question of breastfeeding mothers - "what am I going to wear today" to ensure comfort  Understanding that this is a particularly stressful time, we've designed our garments to address specific frustrations.

Skin to skin contact is extremely healthy for newborns, and many young babies won't nurse if not in direct contact with their mother, especially in the bonding phase. Most garments that are on the market can only achieve this if completely removed. We are priding ourselves that we are able to provide garments to enable the mother to have as much clothes in her cupboard as she feels she needs, that will provide the comfort and be a fashion statement, while breastfeeding.

Ease of opening and closing the garment, especially with one hand, so that mother do not have to need to battle before and after feeding her baby, especially in public places.

Comfortable exposure is also key, as any awkward pulling makes the experience unpleasant for the mother. Fabric getting in the way of the nursing baby can also cause them to unlatch and become unsettled while feeding.

Durability is a must, as the mother will need to open and close the garment at least a million times, and through all of this it'll need to maintain it's shape and functionality. Not only should the garment be physically durable, but also stylish enough to last through a few children and into the blissful years ahead when the babies are grown.

We're excited to present you with our collection for breastfeeding but can be worn just as comfortably while pregnant, and journey along with mothers from around the world as we continue to consider and address your needs. 

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